• Jon Busdeker

Barron's Silver Clinic polishes precious metals

If you've ever polished silver for a wedding or a big event, you know it's a nightmare.

Scrubbing. Soaking. Polishing. Scrubbing again. And again.

It's better to leave it to the professionals. The problem is there are so few businesses left that specialize in polishing precious metals.

That's why I found Barron's Silver Clinic so fascinating. For nearly 50 years, the Barron family has been keeping Central Florida's silver shiny from their tiny shop in Winter Park.

The shop, which looks like a house, is set off the street on Kentucky Avenue near Kiwi Camera shop and Lombardi's Seafood. The inside of the shop looks a bit like a horror movie laboratory with 55-gallon drums of chemicals and rusty industrial machines that were new during World War II.

But that's what it takes to make your metals shine.

Most of the pieces the Barrons work on are antiques and family heirlooms - tea sets, serving platters, punch bowls.

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