• Jon Busdeker

The Jazz Singer of Orlando

Orlando, FL - Chase Shelleé should have been born in another era.

Standing behind a silver, vintage microphone and wearing a long, black dress and black gloves, Shelleé is singing the opening lines to "At Last."

The song, made famous by Etta James and released nearly 60 years ago, is a frequent request by couples that want to slow dance.

It's Friday night at Digress Wine in Orlando's College Park neighborhood. Shelleé is accompanied Collin Oliver, a piano player who is usually by her side.

Chase Shelleé is a jazz singer. She performs several nights a week at venues across Central Florida.

Why jazz? Because as Shelleé explains it, she didn't have that "sweet, pretty....Disney voice." She discovered jazz and blues and realized that it's OK to have a unique voice.

As for dressing the part, Shelleé says she just wants to "embody the era."

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