• Jon Busdeker

Fairvilla Megastore and its cheeky marquee

ORLANDO, FL - Let's get this out of the way up front: Fairvilla Megastore is an adult store that sells items to "enhance" relationships.

Some might call it a "sex shop."

Either way, Fairvilla Megastore on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando has been serving Orlando since the early 1990s.

Outside the shop is a marquee that piqued my interest years ago. I live near the Fairvilla Megastore, and drive by the marquee almost daily. The sign out front often has cheeky messages about sex. They're usually pretty funny.

I found out that Fairvilla changes the sign about twice a week. Employees at the shop come up with the sayings. Sometimes they are timely; sometimes they are very suggestive.

The best part about the marquee: Customers often take pictures with it and post them to Facebook and Instagram.


Address: 1740 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32804

Phone number: (407) 425-6005

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