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  • Jon Busdeker

Nikki’s Place: Where everything comes with gravy

ORLANDO, FL - The smell gets you first.

From the moment you walk inside Nikki's Place in the Parramore community of Orlando, the smell of collard greens, fresh corn bread and smothered liver and onions hits you at the door.

Nikki's Place is a Southern restaurant that specializes in items you may not find at other restaurants: turkey necks, pigs' feet, chitterlings and hog maws (the stomach of the pig).

Owner and chef Nick Aiken is a Central Florida food legend who worked at the legendary Ronnie's restaurant and has severed Muhammad Ali, Coretta Scott King and Elvis Presley. He was also head chef at SeaWorld. His daughter Shannea “Nikki” Akins is at the restaurant most days and considers her customers more like family.

The restaurant, which opened in 1999, is small with less than a dozen tables. But it's that close-quarters, homey feel that makes Nikki's so special.

While they do serve parts of the pig not found on many menus, Nikki's also has baked chicken, fried pork chops, meat loaf and catfish.


Address: 742 Carter Street, Orlando, 32805

Phone number: (407) 425-5301

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