• Jon Busdeker

Orlando man installs life-sized T-Rex head on Jeep

ORLANDO, FL - Imagine stopping at a traffic light and when you look into your rear-view mirror there's a life-sized T-Rex staring back at you.

John Hammond, owner of a Jeep with a T-Rex head attached to it, thinks about that a lot. And so Hammond doesn't drive his "Jurassic Park"-inspired Jeep on the open road very often.

Hammond is the owner of Rocks & Bones, a gem and fossils shop on Fairbanks Avenue in Orlando. About five years ago, Hammond bought the T-Rex head at a second-hand shop. According to Hammond, the head was built by a prop company for an attraction in Central Florida, but it was never used.

To help promote his business, Hammond purchased the head in hopes of adding it to the exterior of the shop. Code enforcement said otherwise, Hammond said, and so he put it on his Jeep instead.

Fun fact: John Hammond shares the same name as the owner of Jurassic Park, John Hammond who was played by Richard Attenborough in the 1993 film.

Address: 1235 W Fairbanks Ave, Orlando, FL 32804


Phone: 407-832-6680

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