• Jon Busdeker

University of Doglando in east Orange County

ORLANDO, FL - The University of Doglando is unlike any other doggy daycare facility in Central Florida. What separates this east Orlando spot (get it?) is that owner Teena Patel lets the dogs be, well...dogs.

Doglando owns 6-acres of fenced-in land, and so the dogs are allowed to run, jump, play and swim on the property. Doglando has a wooded area, swamps and open fields.

On any given day, the dogs get to run around and be free. (They are supervised.)

It's a really cool sight to watch big dogs and little dogs interact. They all look like they're having a blast.


Address: 12276 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826

Phone number: (407) 574-3160

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